Panty and Stocking: Reclaiming Symbols of Power For Women


Did you know Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt has a lot of sex jokes?


I thought so. Sex and sexuality are so central to Panty and Stocking that a 4Kid’s dub would probably only be about five seconds long because of everything they’d have to cut out. None of these motifs exist without a reason, however, and the main reason is to make things normally associated with masculine power feminine.

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i did a redraw thing (again)

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Anonymous said: Until this day.... I still can't believe the pink kitty girl from Tokyo Mew Mew chose Mr. Boring over an adorable, hot, lovable alien called Kish. I have such a grudge against that manga/anime.


Tell me about it… Ichigo had way more many dorky, sweet, cute, dangerous moments together with Kish than with John Doe.

They grew from enemies to friends, one-sided love, their bonds are stronger than the crush Ichigo for some reason has on Mr. Background Character. I remember needless crush turns into something magical too, but still remains boring. Wow.

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”A new beginning is possible for you too”

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D e m o n i c a l l y  brilliant performance

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